• Peckham's Taiwanese restaurant


    We are now open all day at weekends!

    11am - 11pm on Saturday. 11am - 10pm on Sunday.

    Email tables@mrbao.co.uk to book :)

  • Sample Lunch / Dinner Menu

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    Tofu + Sweetcorn Fritter (V) - £3

    Smacked Cucumber (V) - £2.3

    Fried Chicken w/ Miso Mayo - £3.9

    Sweet Saucy Edamame (V) - £3

    Golden Kimchi (V) - £2.2

    XO Pork + Chinese Chive Dumplings - £3.0

    Taiwanese Sausage - £2.7

    Sweet Potato Chips w/ Wasabi Mayo (V) - £2.7

    Sesame Spinach (V) - £1.5

    Tenderstem Broccoli w/ Ponzu (V) - £3

    Bao Steamed Buns


    Mr Bao

    Slow Braised Flock + Herd Pork, Pickles, Peanut Powder



    Bao Diddley

    Fried Free Range Chicken, Kimchi, Wasabi Mayo



    Shiitake Mushroom (V)

    Teriyaki, Miso Mayo, Crispy Shallots



    Drunken Prawn Bao

    Beer Marinated Prawns, Pickled Mooli, Spiced Spring Onion



    Braised Tofu

    Roasted Butternut Squash Golden Kimchi, Slow Braised Tofu, Coriander




    Bao S'More

    Fried Bao, Melted Chocolate, Toasted Marshmallow


  • Sample Cocktail Menu

    Plum Wine Negroni

    Campari, Gin, Plum Wine, Green Tea Syrup



    Imperial Concubine's Smile

    Vodka, Lychee, Elderflower, Green Tea



    Yuzu Daquiri

    Fresh Yuzu Juice, Rum, Luxardo



  • Sample Weekend Brunch Menu

    We serve our brunch menu at weekends alongside our regular menu


    Bao Benedict

    Slow Braised Flock + Herd Pork, Wilted Spinach, Free Range Egg, Hollandaise, Bao Bun



    Mushrooms on Toasted Bao (V)

    Oyster + Portobello Mushrooms on a Toasted Bao served with Wasabi Crème Fraîche



    Taiwanese Spring Onion Pancake (V)

    House Kimchi, Cheddar, Sunny Side Up Egg and Basil



    The Full Taiwanese

    Taiwanese Sausage, Spring Onion Pancake, Flock + Herd Smoked Bacon,

    Bao Bun, Asian Beans, Spiced Eggs


    Bottomless Brunch Cocktails​


    White Night in Taipei

    White Rum, Passionfruit Jam, Lychee, Lime

    £6.5 / £15 for a Bottomless Hour


    Bloody 'Hell' Mary

    Sparkling Sake, Vodka, Fresh Tomato Juice, Wasabi, Sriracha, Wasabi Salt

    £7 / £17 for a Bottomless Hour





    Tuesday - Friday

    12pm - 3pm for Lunch

    6pm - 11pm for Dinner



    11am - 11pm

    We serve our Brunch menu from 11am - 4pm



    11am - 10pm

    We serve our Brunch menu from 11am - 4pm


    293 Rye Lane


    SE15 4UA




  • Reservations

    We keep most of our tables free for customers who want to walk in


    For those who want to book:


    You can reserve at any time during lunch or brunch

    In the evening, we reserve some of our tables between 6pm - 730pm for 2 people

    For parties of 3 - 8 people we reserve tables between 6pm - 7pm


    If you'd like to book, please reserve a table below, or call, or email tables@mrbao.co.uk and we will respond as soon as we can!


    [ We are happy for small dogs to come in ]