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Gobble gobble – the turkey bao is here!

What's the best thing about Christmas? Seeing the wild side of the quiet ones in the office at the staff party? The high drama of EastEnders on Boxing Day? Of course not – it's the food, and specifically Christmas lunch, the most brilliantly calorific plateful of grub of the year.

By way of tribute to this true champion of meals, we've created the turkey bao – a spiced turkey patty topped with pickled red cabbage, garlic crisp, chives and yuzu-infused cranberry sauce, all wedged inside our signature pillow-soft steamed bun. It's on the menu from now until we head off for our Christmas holibobs on December 24, or until they're all gobbled up.

And because no Christmas feast is complete without pudding, we've also created a special dessert dish in celebration of the festive season – spring rolls stuffed with lotus root and Nutella, served with a side of cranberry sauce for dunking. Yup, that's right – deep-fried chocolate. Diet starts in January, yeah?

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