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BIG NEWS! We’re opening a new restaurant in Tooting

People of SW17, we hope you like your buns soft, fluffy and milky white, because that’s what you can look forward to when our new restaurant opens mere weeks from now.

Located at 113 Mitcham Road, Daddy Bao is named in honour of Joe, father of Frank Yeung, AKA Mr Bao (in Peckham). Joe, a former restaurateur of 31 years himself, has been instrumental to the success of our first restaurant, advising on everything from recipes to service (and leaving little, um, ‘inspirational’ notes all over the place), so we thought it only right we put his name above the door of our new Tooting venture.

The menu at Daddy Bao will feature some of Mr Bao’s greatest hits, plus some special Tooting-only dishes and drinks, including a bespoke house beer brewed especially for us.

Our soft-launch opening is currently scheduled for January. Want to be part of it? Pop an email to and we’ll get back to you when the time comes. In the meantime, you can keep an eye on our progress on Instagram. See you soon, Tootingites!

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