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Get the drinks in – we've got a new cocktail menu!

Bao buns and cocktails – there's simply no greater culinary coupling (with the possible exception of tea and biscuits). So it's for this exact reason that we've just shaken up out cocktail menu with the addition of a few new drinks we reckon Peckham is going to dig real hard. Here's what you can look forward to wetting your whistle with next time you drop in.

Spiced Passion
Tropical passion fruit juice gets a spicy lift from a slug of dark rum, with a touch of sweetness from almond syrup and a whack of heat from naga chilli bitters. Is it just us, or is it a bit warm in here?

Tequila Fields
Japanese shochu meets Mexican tequila in this ultra-refreshing tipple. A sweet-and-sour edge comes from honey and lime, while a top-off of lemongrass tonic makes it the perfect partner to a round of pan-Asian small plates. Which is handy.

Golden Ginger
A nod to the classic mint julep, only better and extra-refreshing, thanks to the addition of citrussy yuzu sake and a top of ginger ale. An ideal aperitif – if this doesn't get your appetite up, nothing will.

Four Season Iced Tea
A distinctively punchy Taiwanese oolong tea forms the base of this alcohol-free cocktail, making it the perfect lunchtime pick-me-up. Or, y'know, the ideal hangover cure before a few Bloody Marys.

So there you have it! And don't worry, you can still get the classics, like our legendary-in-SE15 Shochu Manhattan.

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