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Introducing the vegan bao!

Okay, look, we love meat. There’s a reason our signature bao has a big chunk of pork belly in it. But we know not everyone does, and that’s obviously cool. We want Mr Bao to be open to as many people as possible, but because we make our buns the traditional way, with milk in the dough, they’ve always been off-limits for vegans.

Until now.

After a bit of testing and tinkering and a fair few failed experiments, we created a milk-less bun that stood up to the real thing in terms of both taste and texture. Just as fluffy. Just as bouncy. Just as joy-inducing when stuffed with our lovely fillings. As culinary breakthroughs go, this is pretty much up there with the moment someone first dunked a biscuit in a hot mug of tea.

Speaking of fillings, right now our vegan baos are available with either teriyaki shiitake mushrooms or ginger-braised tofu, and we’re planning more specials for the future, too. So, no more awkward silences when your date announces that they’re vegan. And to the vegans of London, sorry it took so long!

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