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Meet the supplier: Old Kent Rd Brewery

Hey everyone, say hi to Will O’Neale. Will lives just down the road from Mr Bao and co-runs Old Kent Rd Brewery, one of the brilliant local producers who help make Mr Bao a big south-London love-in. They’re one of London’s smallest nano-breweries, and specialise in making exciting, hop-forward, one-off beers. Every month, they swing by Mr Bao on their beer bike and fill our fridges with delicious pale ale. We went down to meet them on their latest brew day for a peek behind the scenes.

What’s going on today Will?

We’re working on a one-off beer today, which is actually a Mr Bao exclusive. I can’t say anything more than that, but it’s going to be pretty special.

Ah, c’mon – give us a hint?

Alright, you can have one word: lychees.

We’re intrigued. Intrigued and thirsty. Can you tell us a bit about the way you work?

We’re all about keeping it local. Our beers are inspired by the history of the local area, for example our Asylum Black is named after the Asylum Chapel in Peckham where my wife and I got married. The majority of our beer also gets drunk within a small radius of the brewery, so it makes sense for us to focus on south London.

So you must be a good person to ask about the best pubs in the area, then…

I've been known to frequent a few. Our local pub is The Beer Shop in Nunhead. We have a lot of our brewery meetings there. They’ve supported us from the start, and they recently completed a crowdfunding campaign to expand their tap range and open a small beer garden out the back. Peckham-wise, Brick Brewery’s taproom, by the station, is great, and has just started opening on weeknights too. And I'm partial to the pinball at the Four Quarters, too.

Solid tips. Finally, what’s next for you guys?

Our most recent brew, Heygate Pale, has flown out, so we’ll probably do another batch of that in the new year featuring a new signature hop to keep you all on your toes. We’ll also be pouring at a few markets this side of Christmas, and spending the break planning some more one-off killer beers!


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