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Tips from the team: Frank

Mr Bao himself reveals his favourite spots in south London

Frank Yeung is the proud owner and founder of Mr Bao. He lives just up the road from the restaurant with his wife, Blanca (AKA Miss Tapas), their son and their dog.

How long have you lived in Peckham, and how has your relationship with the place changed in that time?
My wife Blanca and I moved here in 2013, and we’ve loved every minute of it. I guess the biggest change is that we used to be customers in the various pubs and restaurants, and now we're in Miss Tapas and Mr Bao serving our own customers. We still manage to eat at the other local places, though.

What's your favourite hidden gem in Peckham?
I like Small White Elephant, a tiny café on Choumert Road. A quick chat with Jehn, along with one of her lemon, ginger and honey drinks usually does the trick. Peckham has such great green spaces too – we like chilling out in the south end of Peckham Rye Park with our dog, watching the world go by.

Any top tips for local lunch spots? Where do you go when you're giving the baos a break?
I like Falafel & Shawarma in Camberwell for a falafel (or a shawarma). The service is friendly and efficient, and the wraps are just £3.50. Or there's Salas, the little mobile kitchen on Rye Lane, of course!

Who are your favourite neighbours?
Our postman is a lovely chap called John (he’s not technically a neighbour but we see him everyday so feel like he is). He's been delivering post to Rye Lane since long before we moved in but he's always smiling and happy to see us. It took us two years to persuade him to stay for a drink on us – Christmas 2017! Then there's Alan and the guys at Tadberry Evedale, the printers round the back of Mr Bao where we get all of our menus and things printed. Alan’s another Peckham old timer who's always up for a chat and eager to help out – he even lent us his store room when we were opening. Which reminds me, we owe him lunch!

Finally, describe Peckham in three words.
London's best village.

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