• Looking for a fun job?

    One with...

    - Flexible working hours ✅ 😊

    - Staff parties ✅ 😊

    - Free food ✅ 😊

    - Free drinks ✅😊


    In a growing company where you work directly with experienced company owners ✅😊


    ....oh, and this:


    Active Listening


    There’s a couple of reasons you’ll choose to work at a restaurant.


    1. Food makes you smile and you want to make it your career.
    2. You have another passion and you need some cash.


    Either way, that’s cool.


    BUT, we are changing the way working in restaurants is handled.


    Sure, we'll teach you the basics. Having an intimate knowledge of every dish. Using the till. Polishing glasses properly. We get that, you get that.


    Whether you want to stay with us for a few months, or for the rest of your career and build a life here, we will train you on a single life skill that will benefit all areas of your life.


    That skill is Active Listening.


    It’s really easy to do. You just need to be constantly reminded about it until it becomes part of your routine. We work as a team to make sure everyone is Actively Listening.


    So, when you ask a customer how their day was, you don’t immediately move on to ask them what they want to order and try and up-sell them the “drink of the day.”


    That’s what they do at restaurants who train their teams from a book written by someone in another country. We don’t work like that.


    We want you to ask the customer how their day was, and then really listen to their answer, and then engage with them. We don’t care if you take 15 minutes to take their order. In fact, we’d love that. It means you’ve formed a connection and, most likely, you and the customer are having fun.


    If you work at Mr Bao and we can teach you to Actively Listen, you’ll do it with your friends, colleagues, partner, kids, parents and we’re pretty certain you’ll notice your days becoming more fulfilled and, generally, better.


    So, if that sounds like the kind of life skill you want to learn (and your natural facial expression is a smile), get in touch.


    Mr Bao x